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Hello and Welcome

Originally from Yorkshire I arrived in London via Spain and Greece and worked in publishing before moving into the entertainment industry.  One day I found myself in the heart of the City of London and was simply smitten. That first sighting of Guildhall in the sunshine was magical. This led to my training to be a professional, accredited Guide and here I am – fully qualified fully insured and full of interesting tales of the glorious City of London, I delight in helping you discover new things or uncover new aspects of places you may already know.

Amongst other things, I am a City of London Guide and an accredited member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. I am also qualified to guide in Spanish and in 2014 I became a Freeman of the City of London. I am honoured to chair the City of London Guide Lecturers’ Association (aka ‘The City Guides’). As you can tell, I am passionate about the City of London – it is such a small, special place of around one square mile which packs a big punch in the world and where fascinating things have been occurring ever since the Romans set up camp in 47AD.

There is hardly a spot in the City where something historic, funny, important or just plain odd hasn’t happened and I’d love to share these tales and incidents with you so come stroll the City with me. Do have a look at my menu of walks to find one you fancy.

In the meantime, thank you for exploring my website and I hope to meet you in person on a City stroll – I’ll be the one wearing a red bowler!


What They’re Saying

“I told my mum about the Guildhall which I saw for the first time on your walk. She announced that she would like to see inside so we went along and she was thrilled to see the Magna Carta and it made her day.”


"Louise, I loved it!"


"Louise's passion for history and her knowledge of the City blew me away. It should be on every Londoner's to-do list! This fresh and energising tour will make you fall in love with this amazing city all over again. Thanks Louise!”


"I can't wait to return for another tour and step out on to the streets of London again with her. A perfect way to spend an afternoon.”


“Many thanks for spoiling us on Sunday. Two hours passed really quickly.”