From Barbican Tube Station to Bank Junction


The City is not a very big area, being only about 1 square mile, but has a huge number of offices which boost its international reputation as the centre of global finance and big business.  Every day some 300,000 people work in the City, but do they actually live at the office? Nearly all of them flood in every morning and then leave to go home again every evening.  But there is a small percentage, around 9,000 people, who actually call the City their home.   This walk is all about them and the life of a City Resident. Where do they live? What do they do with their children? Has anyone seen a garage? If the City empties in the evenings, what do they do for entertainment? All of their life is here – come and take a peek.

Did you know?

There is one primary school in the City, founded 300 years ago by Sir John Cass.


Strolling Time