From Blackfriars Station to Near Barbican Tube Station


“A Haberdasshere and a Carpenter, A Webbe a Dyer and a Tapicer – And they were clothed all in liveree Of a solempne and great o fraternitee”

What was Geoffrey Chaucer on about? The West of the City is home to a clutch of Livery Companies whose histories and influence both reach back many centuries and yet continue today.

They are unique organisations going back to the early Middle Ages and instead of dying out we now have 110 of them with the most recent coming into being in 2014.

On this walk we will be finding out about seven of them – how they began, how to join one and what they get up to.

Did you know?

Between 1374 and 1386 Chaucer lived above Aldgate, the eastern entrance to the City.


Strolling Time